Lunes, Enero 30, 2012

Baseball is Everybody’s Favorite

Baseball is a bat and ball sport played between two teams; each team consists of nine players.  This has been one of my favourite sport eventhough I’m not that sporty person. I learned to play baseball when I was in elementary school during our Physical Education class. Since then, it has become my hobby and I used to play it during weekends. Playing baseball needs not only physical strength but mental alertness as well. It’s also a very good exercise for the mind and body. In America, between 40-45 percent of American teens play youth baseball, almost half of youth population.  In the Philippines it is becoming more and more popular coincide with football.

When it comes to the right outfit and equipment, baseball players should have the most usable and durable baseball equipment. For me, I recommend cheap baseball equipment but made up of high quality materials. Baseballequipment such as batters helmet, gear bag, baseball bat, baseball glove and baseball cleats can be bought for very affordable price. I am planning to buy a complete set of baseball equipment this coming December and I have to accumulate certain amount of money haha!

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