Huwebes, Agosto 4, 2011

Achieving Clean and Green Environment with B2B Marketplace

Nature” refers to the development of physical world and to life in general. We only have one Earth and there’s no substitute to it. Since our planet is the only one capable in supporting life, we have to take care of it. Human beings are the ones responsible in taking care of our planet. On the other hand, it is also us; human beings are responsible in degrading the nature. There are human activities that relatively affect the nature like quarrying, cutting of trees, polluting the air and water, littering the land and so on. 

According to historical data, the Earth degradation has started during the industrial revolution (18th to 19th century) and it becomes worse as the time passes by. As a result, climate change erupted and becomes a major problem that should be taken seriously into account.       

Climate change is a significant and long-lasting change into the weather pattern. It may also be associated to extreme weather conditions like the recent typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) that directly hit the Philippines last 2009 that caused absolute devastation and major casualties (hundreds of lives and millions of pesos lost). Also, my friends in Korea and Japan told me that they experienced a shorter Spring and Autumn seasons last year. Many countries in the world also experience heatwave (during summer) and snowstorms (during winter). Catastrophes such as flash floods, acid rains, soil erosion, landslides and so on, are also associated to environmental degradation. This is something that we have to be taken seriously.

Scientific studies discovered that climate change cannot be solved and later on eliminated in just a short span of time. However, we can slower the progress of climate change by doing some necessary actions, so that the next generation people can still enjoy the nature. Good thing there are institutions like Korea Environmental Technology & Institute (KEITI) that seriously helps preserving and conserving the nature. In my browsing on YouTube last week, I discovered their video regarding Environment. It is with Korea Environmental Technology and Industry Institute.

ECOTRADE Premier Environmental B2B Marketplace

KEITI is the institution that founded ECOTRADE. ECOTRADE is a Premiere Environmental B2B Marketplace that aims to improve and upgrade the quality of life by promoting eco-friendly products. You can visit their website at In this present day and age, Internet is the most reliable source of information and also used for e-Commerce and Trade. ECOTRADE is a virtual marketplace that gives you the option to take advantage to eco-friendly products in the convenience of your own home or office. To give you an idea about their latest products, they are listed below. Find Korea's latest environmental products and technology.

Wehew! There’s nothing you can ask for, from water to noise, Air to soil treatment…they are all here!!! So, if you are an environmental enthusiast, nature-lover and a more responsible citizen of the country, join me in supporting ECOTRADE!  

You can also support them simply by following them on their Facebook Fanpage and to their official YouTube Channel. Come on; let’s help our country and the world to save the nature and environment by supporting ECOTRADE. It’s a great feeling and a fulfillment to be a part of Earth conservation and preservation activities. Let’s make the Earth clean and green!              

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